6 Jan 2014

Scandinavian Drama at Yale

This may well fall into the category of “research nobody asked for”, but I thought it might be interesting to compile a list of what Scandinavian plays have been produced at Yale over the years. As the list shows, it’s essentially a predictable mix of Naturalist Ibsen and Strindberg, with a little bit of Symbolist Strindberg and some outlier stage productions of Ingmar Bergman’s films Persona and Höstsonaten.

SeasonAuthorVenueTitleOriginal TitleYearTranslator
1928IbsenDrama SchoolBrandBrand1865
1964IbsenDrama SchoolA Doll HouseEt dukkehjem1879
1966IbsenDrama SchoolPeer GyntPeer Gynt1867
1969-70StrindbergYale RepCrimes and CrimesBrott och brott1899Sprinchorn
1974-75StrindbergYale RepThe FatherFadren1887
1977-78IbsenYale RepThe Wild DuckVildanden1884Meyer
1977-78StrindbergYale RepGhost SonataSpöksonaten1907Sprinchorn
1978-79StrindbergDrama SchoolThe PelicanPelikanen1907
1980-81IbsenDrama SchoolPeer GyntPeer Gynt1867Fjelde
1980-81IbsenYale RepHedda GablerHedda Gabler1890
1981-82IbsenDrama SchoolPillars of SocietySamfundets støtter1877Fjelde
1982-83IbsenYale RepA Doll HouseEt dukkehjem1879
1985-86IbsenYale RepLittle EyolfLille Eyolf1894
1989-90StrindbergYale RepMiss JulieFröken Julie1888
1993-94IbsenDrama SchoolPeer GyntPeer Gynt1867Berman/Bamman
1995-96StrindbergDrama SchoolThe Great Highway:
Zones of the Spirit
Stora landsvägen1909
1996-97BergmanDrama SchoolPersonaPersona1966
1996-97IbsenDrama SchoolA Doll HouseEt dukkehjem1879
1997-98IbsenDrama SchoolO.B.G.Y.N.T.Peer Gynt1867
1998-99IbsenDrama School Hedda GablerHedda Gabler1890Hellebust
1998-99IbsenDrama SchoolRosmersholm Rosmersholm 1886Hellebust
2001-02IbsenDrama SchoolPeer GyntPeer Gynt1867
2004-05IbsenDrama SchoolHedda GablerHedda Gabler1890
2004-05StrindbergDrama SchoolMiss JulieFröken Julie1888
2007-08StrindbergDrama SchoolGhost SonataSpöksonaten1907Carlson
2007-08IbsenDrama SchoolPeer GyntPeer Gynt1867
2009-10IbsenYale RepThe Master BuilderBygmester Solness1892Walsh
2010-11BergmanYale RepAutumn Sonata Höstsonaten 1978
2013-14StrindbergSummer CabaretMiss JulieFröken Julie1888

I would like to see if I can find some of the original playbills and other publicity material for these productions before the annual conference of the Society for Scandinavian Study comes to New Haven this March… we’ll see how easy that proves to be.

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